Arkansas Basketball, 1980s

On March 14, 1981, xxx teams went down in dramatic fashion. BYU knocked off xxx when Danny Ainge drove the length of the court in xxx seconds for the game-winning layup. xxx knocked off No. xxx xxx while Kansas State stunned No. xxx with a baseline buzzer beater from Rolondo Blackmon. But Arkansas-Lousville tops them all. With the Hogs down xxx and inbounding under their own goal, U.S. Reed dribbled to midcourt hounded by two Cardinals. Just as Reed reached the scorer’s table, he launched a xxx-foot bomb with xxx seconds left on the clock. The buzzer sounded with the ball sailing into the rafters before emphatically splashing into the net. Lousville was devestated; players collapsed and cheerleaders openlly wept. Arkansas players and coaches swarmed the court in jubilation. Arkansas had knocked out the defending champions and headed to its first xxx since xxx.

Getty Images

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